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Why Building Your Network Needs to be a Calendar Event!

It’s not who you know, but who you know that knows what you don’t!

Check out this replay of SShour to get a better understanding of what exactly a 360 Network is and why you should have space on your calendar each week reminding you to invest in your 360 network!


Your Vanity is Killing Your Brand via @RachellouMiller

Your Vanity is Killing Your Brand aka Vanity Metrics Are Worthless & Futile – Part 1: Twitter by Rachel Miller – Nurturing your Twitter community is a function built around a mindset of generosity. Be a gracious host and and you will be rewarded with loyal advocates.


3 Tips For Creating An Effective Social Media Plan by @RonSela

Basic social media marketing is a popular option that is also budget friendly. The free business tools through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media networks allow you to expand your audience, track engagement and solidify what it is about your organization that most interests your supporters.


Back to the Future of Social Business by @RachellouMiller

It’s that time of year when many bloggers start to stare aimlessly into the murky depths of their proverbial crystal balls in hopes of getting glimpses of inspiration that can be artfully crafted into next year prediction statements. But me, I’m going to look to the past and highlight a significant prediction for sales, social media, and customer relationship management that came to fruition.