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Why Building Your Network Needs to be a Calendar Event!

It’s not who you know, but who you know that knows what you don’t!

Check out this replay of SShour to get a better understanding of what exactly a 360 Network is and why you should have space on your calendar each week reminding you to invest in your 360 network!

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What’s in store for cloud in 2015? @DavidLinthicum joins #CloudTalk on Oct 16th to share his insights!

When it comes to technology and cloud computing many have an opinion or have written a book on the topic but CloudTalk is honored to have David Linthicum SVP of Cloud Technology Partners as a guest this week who didn’t just write a book on computing he wrote a total of 13 books on computing. David is also an analyst and blogger at GigaOM Pro and InfoWorld and is a speaker and thought leader on everything cloud computing sharing his insights at events, on his podcast and is extremely active on twitter. We couldn’t be more excited to have David as our guest this week to talk with the #CloudTalk Community about the future of the cloud in 2015!

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IT and Cloud Transformation w/ @TCrawford #CloudTalk

Unfortunately we only have an hour to pick Tim’s brain and share his thoughts with the community. Below are the 7 Questions we plan on asking during the 1 hour G+ Interview but that could all change based on community input on Twitter. Make sure to use hashtag #CloudTalk on twitter October 9th from Noon to 1pm ET as we will pull questions from the community! You can watch the interview live and view the community chat here: www.Broadsuite.com/CloudTalk

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The Power of HumbleBrag Customer Experiences!

No matter the reason the key element was this simple action led to a humblebrag moment that every person working in or using social media is guilty of.

If you go to an event, have great seats at game, meet a celebrity or get a great deal these events are posted on social media immediately. The great part are these posts are authentic and provide third party validation and word of mouth marketing.


6 Social Business lessons, from Cyber Security

Innovation isn’t dependent on a company being a social business, Innovation happens when a company creates a philosophy that embraces the power of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and security while embracing the technology of the future. We must look at solutions like cyber security that require philosophy style changes as case studies that have trends and patterns we can learn from while also understanding the importance of creating new community experiences by challenging the status quo and every traditional way of thinking imaginable!