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Personal Branding 101: What’s your story?

Your Personal Brand is who YOU are, YOU must define it, tell YOUR story and share YOUR passions! Combine these answers with your resume and cover letter into a story format and you’ll be ready to jump into Personal Branding 201!

Screencast-o-matic, Free Tool to Record Your Computer

The Power of HumbleBrag Customer Experiences!

No matter the reason the key element was this simple action led to a humblebrag moment that every person working in or using social media is guilty of.

If you go to an event, have great seats at game, meet a celebrity or get a great deal these events are posted on social media immediately. The great part are these posts are authentic and provide third party validation and word of mouth marketing.


6 Social Business lessons, from Cyber Security

Innovation isn’t dependent on a company being a social business, Innovation happens when a company creates a philosophy that embraces the power of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and security while embracing the technology of the future. We must look at solutions like cyber security that require philosophy style changes as case studies that have trends and patterns we can learn from while also understanding the importance of creating new community experiences by challenging the status quo and every traditional way of thinking imaginable!