It’s no secret that consumers respond to visuals: Look no further than the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram as proof, especially as B2B brands learn to leverage these visual-based platforms. In fact, content with relevant images gets a whopping 94 percent more views than blocks of text alone. Our team has already covered six key tools you can use to create images for content and social mediaand eight tools to help marketers quickly create beautiful designs. Now, we’re bringing you a different perspective.

This informational guide from Curalate unpacks the business value of visual commerce—a term it defines as “the emerging need for marketers to measure and understand how images engage and convert consumers at every point of the purchase funnel.” In it, you’ll find details about how to tap into new sources of creative for seriously boosted ROI and use lifestyle content to generate more clicks and conversions.

Curalate’s research reveals more than half of marketers are actively sharing images to at least six consumer touchpoints, including social platforms, email, digital ads, print, ecommerce, and in-person. That’s a lot of noise for your content to cut through, but it’s not impossible. Learn how to optimize your usage of original vs. outsourced images, tricks to choosing imagery that resonates with your audience, and methods for measuring the ROI of your images.

Overall, Curalate’s guide takes key trends in visual commerce and breaks them down, including the evolution of branded images and the importance of “buy” buttons. Is your brand using these tactics in ways that lead to more sales, or are you missing the mark? Are you effectively navigating the digital spaces between consumer expectations and the retail experience, or could you do better? Learn from visual commerce master brands like Urban Outfitters, Lilly Pulitzer, and more by downloading Curalate’s free guide—How to Command Attention in a Content-Driven World: The Complete Guide to Visual Commerce—today.

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