Believe it or not, video will make up 80% of global consumer traffic by 2019 – just a short year away. Consumers today are looking for a real connection with the brand offering their favorite product, instead of just the product itself. Consumers are looking for a human behind the product, not a robot with a website. The best way to start the conversation is through video marketing.

The idea of video marketing may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never tried creating videos before. However, the return on your efforts is great once you get started. The eBook, 6 Steps to Kick-Start Your Video Marketing will take you through the six simple steps to get your video marketing strategy up and going. Some of the tips include:

  • How to get started.
  • How to choose the right equipment for you.
  • What software – if any – should you choose for editing and production.
  • How to leverage social media.

And more! This guide aims to prove how video marketing can bridge the distance between you and your consumer, something that your customer craves.

Still not convinced? Landing pages with video see an 80% conversion over landing pages with text only. Do you know how many videos Facebook users watch a day? An average of 8 billion. With so much competition, your business must stay on top of its marketing game and video is the only way to stay current. This eBook is the perfect companion for the beginner video marketer or the seasoned marketer looking to start in video.
Download the eBook today to get started and change the way your website, landing pages, and social media convert. After all, your consumer is begging for conversation. Giving them what they want is just good business. Grab your camera, download the guide and let’s get started.

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