Marketing automation platforms provide businesses with a multitude of benefits. However, many companies purchase marketing automation platforms without researching the total cost and how the platform will impact other business functions. Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership is a recent study that polled startups, small, midsize, and enterprise businesses to help determine the total cost of purchasing, implementing, and managing marketing automation platforms. This study did not poll marketing automation vendors to ensure the most accurate, unbiased findings. The polling results in Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership are sure to surprise you and give you valuable insight into the total cost of owning a marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation Adoption

To fully understand the results of this survey, its important to know who was polled. Integrated Marketing Associates polled VPs, managers, general staff, directors, and C-suites. Polling general staff, as well as management and executives adds credibility to the data found in this survey.

Another important factor included in this survey is how long it has been since each respondent adopted marketing automation. What the survey found might surprise you. Out of all the participants, almost 79 percent said they had adopted a marketing automation platform over one year ago. The length of time each participant has been using a marketing automation platform isn’t the only interesting piece of data included in this study.

Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership also surveyed participants on how effective they believed marketing automation platforms are. From CRMs, to third party tools and integration, this survey will break down the numbers to show you the best value and the closest overall cost of various marketing automation platforms.

The Cost

Purchasing a marketing automation platform is a major investment. But what is the exact cost? The technology, the integration, the management, and the man-hours to perform vital tasks can be hard to judge. This study breaks down the cost of various automation platforms. In different sections, you can view the cost of technology, service providers, and staffing. Knowing the cost of all the functions needed for a marketing automation platform to be successful will allow you to plan and implement the best course of action for your business.

In the Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership study, participants shared their average savings or losses when owning a marketing automation platform, as well as where they spend much of their automation platform budget.

If your company is considering adopting a marketing automation platform in the distant or near future, download Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership today to gain valuable insight from various industries on the best ways to invest in a platform, as well as the total cost of ownership.

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